Wednesday, November 4, 2009

.the clutter.

.a crafty mess.
This photo best describes how my mind feels like at times. A clutter of just miscellaneous stuff on the verge of falling over. I walked into my "craft room" and cringed at the sight of my baker's rack. . . and my desk. Books, glue, hairspray, more books, brushes. . . you name it. Did the craft goblins create this mess while I was resting peacefully in my bed? I'd like to blame them, but no. For some reason, I felt compelled to take a snapshot of it. As I look at this photo, you would think that I was knee deep in arts & crafts projects. I wish. Thoughts come to mind like, "Oh that's where that Jane Eyre book is hiding," and "I so need a better storage system," and "Why the hell did I think selling some of our shelving units before we moved down here was a good idea again?" Oh yeah. To make room. . . in the U-Haul. Smart.

As I type this, I'm thinking of how fun it would be to start capturing images of my surroundings, documenting the life around me as if collecting information for a research project, a cultural study project to be exact. Ha ha! Put these images in a journal, writing notes on the side, kinda like a sketchbook, or scrapbook. Hey, kinda like this blog! I wonder, what does this photo say about me? Do I really want to answer that? Ha! Hmm. . . something to think about.


  1. What can I say? Mine is a mess. I've collected too much and now I look around and I don't feel comfortable with what I see there! I feel like in a limbo, kinda lost...don't know what to do with all I have. I don't feel good looking at my clutter. I do the same question. What that clutter says about me...too many ideas, too much excitment and then all of them get forgotten one day. This post actually made me think abou it.

  2. Lol, that seems pretty organized to me ;) I mean, everything is in its place, right? My art room looks like the victim of some unfortunate disaster at the moment...I just closed the door for now, I'll think about it another day... a la scarlett o'hara ;)

  3. I know what you're feeling I'm the clutter queen. The outside looks okay but please don't open the cupboards of closets- it could be hazardous to your health.


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