Monday, November 16, 2009



Here lately, I've been thinking a lot about Kentucky, specifically how much I'm actually missing it. I miss the drives to the small towns right outside of Lexington. I've been thinking about some of the specific things that I miss. The horse farms. Small grocers. Quaint coffee shops like The Hub in downtown Danville. The brick red walls covered in artwork by various local artists and photographers. Don't get me wrong, Nashville has a TON of coffee shops and caf├ęs, but today, I miss this one.


  1. is it weird that having moved back home i'm missing things from birmingham? my family teases me.

    but i really understand missing certain things.

  2. Where is KY did you live? My sister is a senior at UK and I visited her last year in Lexington. I absolutely loved loved loved the quaint little city and it's culture. The surrounding areas were gorgeous too! I am excited to go back and visit her this year.

  3. Hey Beryl! I actually lived IN Lexington for 2 years, and then in Wilmore for a year before moving back to TN. My little girl was born in Lexington. Good Ol' Horse Capital of the World!


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