Sunday, November 8, 2009

.not quite the milky way.

Not quite the Milky Way

It's so easy as parents to get bent out of shape when our little ones get themselves caught up in a round of mischief. Say like when your toddler decides to sprinkle the entire living room floor with a new bottle of baby powder and then proceeds to dance in it while you are in the kitchen washing dishes. Or, dare I say, on Facebook? Did I mention that you just swept and cleaned the hardwood floors? After a brief moment summed up by the words "what-the-hell?!" and a Little Miss Thing being put into time-out, you walk into the living room, broom and dust pan in hand, and realize just how interesting this mess of lavender scented talcum powder looks on your floor. The tiny, random splotches suddenly become faraway galaxies, and miniature footprints become a sign of alien existence. Super Nanny would have probably lectured me for what I did next, but I didn't care. I pulled the little one out of time out, and for just a few minutes, let her dance amongst the stars. . . that is. . . before they were swept away. . . as *stardust*.


  1. Fantastic photos, Kat.It's amazing what a bit of talcum powder and a budding small artist can create... :o)

  2. omg....this needs to be published in a parenting magazine like right now....

    what a good mom you are !!!

  3. I think this is the sweetest thing ever - that is what she will remember - the wonderful whimsical mommy that understood dancing in the fairy dust.

  4. oh wow...what an artistic masterpiece! My girl did about the same thing a couple of weeks ago, but in the middle of her bed. Sheesh...

  5. ha ha sorry it is funny...Miss Thang dancing in stardust!


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