Friday, November 6, 2009

.holidays are approaching!.

I picked up a couple of my favorite import lifestyle magazines yesterday, Marie Claire Idées and Country Living UK. Of course, I ate up all the wonderful images! Now it was while I was browsing through these fabulous, glossy pages that I came upon a spread for the Country Living Christmas Fair in London when it truly dawned on me. HOLY CRAP! Christmas is just around the corner!! Is it just me or did we like miss a couple of months somewhere during the year? Is it the fact daylight savings took place in November instead of October that has totally thrown my seasonal holiday clock off?! Or perhaps is it the fact I no longer work in the retail craft world where Christmas rolls in off a 51 foot trailer in the middle of May? Makes you wonder. I guess it's time to get excited and get crackin' on some Holiday gifts. Hmm. . . got any ideas? I like this gift idea I found on Beryl's blog. She's also running a contest on this item, so you'll need to check that out!

This will definitely be a much more sentimental Holiday season for me and my family. Money is tight, as I'm sure many of you can relate, so there will be much more thought going into the gifts this year. But isn't that how it should be anyway? How about you? What kinds of neat Christmas gift ideas do you have?


  1. one of my favorites is always a collection of recipes - either in a binder or on cute recipe cards (with some extras to spare)

  2. Yes! it's tme to think about Christmas*** *

  3. Ideas of presents: I'll sew and sew and knit... little purse in linen for Mother, a moon bag for my brother's girlfriend, a cow boy hat foor my son, transfert of nice phootos on t-shirts for my brothers (not expensive, very creative, and personnalized) a dress for my daughter... etc, etc*

  4. Aww, these are my faves. I think I am going to b&n before Country Living vanishes. They don't sell Marie Claire here anymore.
    Yes, I would like to make some gifts for some people...

  5. I just recently found this calendar template on the shutter sister website. Photography is a fairly new passion of mine and I've gotten so many positive comments from friends and family that I thought this would be the perfect gift!


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